Samsung PN51D450: Faster than A Blink of an Eye

Samsung PN51D450

Samsung PN51D450, a 51-inch TV with its unlimited features is highly competitive among other Plasma TVs. It projects a crystal-clear image because of 600Hz subfield motion technology and 720p resolution. ConnectShare is Samsung’s application that allows users access via USB flash drive to make the most out of video, music or pictures. What makes plasma of higher quality opposed to other displays is that it offers high contrast ratios and gorgeously saturated colors. The 600Hz subfield technology makes it possible to deliver clarity and precision even behind fastest-moving scenes.

Another edge of Samsung PN51D450 is its “Plus One Design”. Since it has a bigger picture and a narrower outer frame, it has an extra inch of screen compared to its competitors. This is also ideal for video games and viewing action-packed sports because of its superb response time as fast as .001ms.
Samsung PN51D450 has a lot of positive reviews. One reviewer was simply amazed on both its visual and audio. The sound is loud and clear and allows various settings for TV and movies. She also commented on how user friendly the menus are that allows you to personalize the picture based on your preference. Other users find it very convenient that both picture and sound controls can be customized based on input device (cable box or dvd player) and these settings will be saved for future use. Other reviewers compared it to LCD and they said that plasma models offer the same quality with less cost.
One reviewer mentioned that the default settings have very high brightness controls which should be adjusted to further appreciate it. Another user commented that although the remote is easy to use, its slightly curved shape is the culprit why it tends to fall off the coffee table or sofa every now and then.
All-in-all, Samsung PN51D450 is a great TV as agreed by most users.  With its good picture quality and smallish form factor, it truly offers an affordable price. This is indeed a perfect choice for avid viewers of action packed movies and fanatic over video games since its response is faster than a blink of an eye.

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